Very few local property management companies can claim that they have an In House Legal Staff/Attorney available to answer legal questions and assist in legal matters of their clients. This added benefit makes HOME unique in our ability to make this part of the package that we deliver to your association.

Collections / Liens

HOME’s In House Attorney regularly handles actions against individuals that are chronically delinquent in paying their dues. If the Covenants allow, the fees for these services are added to the outstanding amounts due by the delinquent homeowner. This, obviously, saves the HOA money.

Illegal Use / Occupancy
Illegal Use, overuse or improper occupancy of the individual units/homes is a general problem which is of concern among all HOA’s. This dilemma can cause the deterioration of the development as a whole if corrective action is not immediately taken and addressed appropriately. HOME prides itself on using it’s In House Attorney to curb the illegal use and/or occupancy by way of bringing swift correction actions and eviction if necessary, on behalf of the HOA.

Title Transfers
Real estate law firms typically require closing letters from HOA’s when handling property transfers. HOME will handle these requests thereby relieving the Board from having to take the time to generate these letters and be concerned with the accuracies in them. We will also update the directory information for the new owners and supply the welcoming committee of your neighborhood with the new owner’s information.

Contract Disputes
At times, contract disputes arise between contractors and the HOA. Having an attorney on board greatly assists HOME and the HOA in determining the legalities involved and the ways in which a quick resolution can be obtained. The staff at HOME has always been able to handle disputes through mediation but our in house legal counsel is prepared to be in court on behalf when necessary.

Boundry Line Disputes

Unfortunately, boundary line disputes sometimes arise between property owners. HOME’s In House Counsel will gladly mediate such disputes should the parties involved so desire. This saves the Board members from having to get involved with conflicts between homeowners. Having a objective third party handling these issues prevents hard feelings between neighbors.

Insurance Claims
Very often, insurance companies advise their customers to obtain their own legal counsel, separate from the insurance company’s attorneys, to represent the HOA’s interests and not the insurance company’s interests relating to a particular claim. HOME’s In House Counsel is available and is more than capable to handle such situations.


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Our clients always have peace of mind know that they are HOME. HOME takes the burden off of the minds of the Board by handling day to day and ongoing maintenance issues. Peace of mind often comes when residents realize that The HOME Team is addressing items and issues well in advance. HOME prides itself on it’s preemptive ability to handle matters before they develop into larger liabilities and problems. The scope of services include all of the following.

HOME begins the peace of mind process by having onsite reviews of the entire property. The assigned HOME property manager will be on site of the property a minimum of 2 times per week to inspect and survey conditions. This helps ensure the Board’s peace of mind knowing that this supervision is occurring on regular basis.

Board Meetings
HOME preps the board meetings to assist the Board in making necessary decisions. HOME comes with a productive agenda, bids, reports, contracts, written homeowner concerns, etc. in order to ensure a more productive meeting. Preparation and a solid agenda will guarantee timely and successful meetings.

At each regular meeting, the Board will receive a detailed manager's report that includes no less than a meeting agenda, detailed monthly action item list, requested bids, legal report on suits or collections, homeowner requests, correspondence and violation reports.

All Board members will receive a meticulously detailed financial report on a monthly basis.

The HOME manager can contribute articles to assist the Board of Directors keep their residents informed of what is going on in the Association and tell them how much work is being accomplished on their behalf. Communication is essential for a successful Association.

Annual Meetings

We prepare and assist the Board of Directors with the annual meeting. Proxies, ballots, agendas, sign-in sheets, summary reports and committee reports are all prepared and copied prior to the meeting.

HOME Workdays
HOME plans, structures, and executes community work days to encourage homeowners to accept a level of responsibility and ownership within their community. Our staff is on the scene throughout these community workdays to orchestrate, work along side and manage the process. HOME Workdays are part of our core outlook to help the Board of Directors manage the property successfully.

Investment Property Regulation Compliance
The Manager would work diligently within the guidelines stated in the Declaration of the Association to uphold the leasing provisions of the community. Possible tools are leasing permits or assigning parking decal to monitor cars and who they belong to and their status as an owner or renter.

After Hours Emergencies
We provide 24/7 emergency coverage for all of our clients. For example, if there was a main water pipe break in the middle of the night, in addition to calling 911, your residents or Board will call HOME's after hours number. The call is answered by our live answering service and the caller will be called back within minutes by one of our property managers. The on-call manager has detailed information sheets on every property and the appropriate vendor(s) will be notified and the problem dealt with as promptly as needed.

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HOME (hereinafter "The HOME Team") offers a in house team of experienced legal, accounting and administrative personnel to handle all of your accounting needs. This includes incoming, outgoing payments/invoices, monthly balance sheets, late/past due statements, coupon generation for monthly dues and collections. HOME's in house attorney handles your past due collections and lien management. One major advantage that THE HOME TEAM offers is faster dues processing through our "lock box" direct deposit of dues offered through our financial institution.

We can see to it that each Board member receives the HOA's financial reports by any date of the month the HOA chooses. Included in these packets can be copies of the monthly balance sheet, Income-Expense Statement, Reconciliation Report, Bank Statement and the Monthly Homeowner Activity Report. Monthly financials will be sent electronically to all Board members or hard copy can be provided.

Solicitation of Bids
THE HOME TEAM's Property Manager is the agent for your Board acting on behalf of the HOA. We professionally represent the association best interest whenever requesting bids, contracts, renegotiations and performance reviews of vendors etc.

The fee paid to HOME provides the Board of Directors the tools and assistance they need to successfully lead and manage the community. Apart from that, HOME is financially driven to help the Board of Directors lead their community more effectively and more efficiently. This is done through strategic contract negotiation. We work hard to find high quality contractors and then negotiate a great fee structure for your community.

Over time, THE HOME TEAM has compiled an extensive "Preferred Vendor" listing that is constantly updated by our Property Managers. We prefer to work with insured professional vendors that posses stellar references.

Our experience with homeowner associations has given us the necessary expertise in property management to properly benefit our clients. It is our company policy that all calls and emails are returned with 24 hours.


THE HOME TEAM takes collection issues very seriously. We understand that outstanding assessments can easily impact the Association as a whole. As company policy, late letters are sent automatically to every "late" paying homeowner to offset future collection problems. The system we have developed for tracking and collecting on this does not cost the HOA any out of pocket money nor does it reduce the total dollar amount collected for the HOA. All additional costs are born by the unit with the late paying issues.

Our in-house attorney proactively tracks potential and ongoing collection issues for our HOA clients. Please refer to our legal section for details on this area.

Annual Budget Preparation
Each year, The HOME Team will assist the Board in the development of a detailed and thorough draft budget. This greatly reduces the amount of time the Board spends on budget preparation. The Monthly Financial Reports to the Board show a year to date snap shot of where the community stands with regards to the annual budget. All this will be done comparatively against the previous year so that the Board can see any seasonal swings in budget demands. When needed, The HOME Team coordinates the distribution of dues coupon books to the homeowners.

Insurance Liaison
If requested, The HOME Team can negotiate insurance policy premiums and coverages with the HOA carrier(s) and actively solicits comparative bids with other outside carriers. This ensures that our clients receive the best possible appropriate coverage for the most competitive rates.

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Major Projects
THE HOME TEAM can assist the Board in facilitating funding sources for large projects, i.e. special assessment, reserve or possible loan. We can recommend that reputable contractors and engineers create a bid specification packet (RFB) for the project. We want the Board to make the best possible decisions regarding large projects. Although we are not and cannot be the general contractor, the property manager will become the project liaison between the Board of Directors and the contractors.

Long Term Planning
HOME will assist the Board in looking at and deciding on long term repair/maintenance issues at the property. We typically suggest a five (5) year and a ten (10) year plan for future preservation projects. Whether it be tennis courts, pools, playgrounds, landscaping, roads, gates, etc., HOME will suggest plans for their sustainment and ongoing development to benefit the HOA's future needs. We highly recommend that our clients obtain Reserve Studies from engineering companies to guide them in making long term planning decisions for the HOA.

Special Assessments

We, at HOME, understand the obvious resistance of HOA's in implementing special assessments onto its members. Often times, special assessments can be avoided with proper long term planning and implementation. While all potential events which require special assessments cannot be foreseen, most can be avoided through proper management.

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