“Out of 122 families in our neighborhood, the leadership at HOME had 28 of them show up at our spring HOME work day, had every project laid out, labeled, tools on hand and inside of 4 hours we had 11 projects fully completed and all the families in attendance knew they had accomplished some very positive results for all of us”

-  Homeowner, North Metro Atlanta Neighborhood, 2007


“First seeing their constant presence throughout our property was such a change from the previous management company set up we had. “But now, knowing that they are buying a home here and have their own family in it as well only seems to have strengthened their commitment to our neighborhood”.

- Board Member, homeowner association in Gwinnett County, GA. '06-'07.


“The principals with HOME must really know their business and their business relationships well. They took our previous liability coverage from $9.5 million, up over 50% to $14 million AND the premiums dropped from just over $35K down to just $23K.  Paying them a percentage of that savings for 1 year compared to us saving all that year over year is a nobrainer for this board.  The best part is that we are with the same underwriting company, they just found us an insurance broker more suited to meeting the needs of our situation.”

 -  President, homeowners association, Duluth, GA, 2006


“We should have taken before pictures of our landscape situation.  It was not terrible before but the landscape company that they found for us does a great job and we are their smallest property!  Sure, our SMA assigned property manager saved us roughly $2000 a year but the real benefit is how great it looks, week after week, season after season.”

- 2007 Board Member, condo association, metro Atlanta


“When HOME first stepped in to help us, we had past due balances with dues that were in line with the national averages.  With the help of HOME's legal expertise and structured efforts on collections, not only is our association seeing a lower percentage of past due balances owed to us a year later but we are owed FEWER dollars after that full year as well.  They have collected enough in the past 12 months to have wiped out an entire year of anyone in our association being past due for dues in that 12 months and it did not cost the association a single penny.  We just voted on their plan and said, "Go, and they went!”

 - Condo Association President Gwinnett 2007


“Please accept this on behalf of the HOME leadership if they are a candidate for helping your board in managing your association.  I was a very active part of our community when the leadership of HOME began to work for our board.  The leadership they provided was diligent, energetic, and very fair minded.  They did an excellent job taking the work load off of our board day to day.  I recommend the HOME team without hesitation or reservation.”

-retiree and active Gwinnett homeowner association member 2002