As it is with so many things in life, successful property management is really about successful relationships. At HOME, we focus on finding ways to help the board of directors have relationships within the community developed, strengthened, and grow. We want you to always enjoy being at HOME.

The coming together of the leadership of HOME and its creation began in 2005. A handful of professionals with various backgrounds came together and formed Home Owners Management Enterprises, LLC, a.k.a. HOME, LLC. A real estate attorney, a real estate broker, a finance and investment professional, and a strategic organization and business planner all came together with a single goal in mind: to deliver quality results to homeowners in a cost effective format and help relationships prosper all the while.

HOME brings so many differences to the management process for the board of directors simply because HOME does indeed focus on relationships. Great relationships are the core of the HOME philosophy. At the end of the day, either the accounting is correct or it is not. The approved budget expenditures were either maintained or they were not. The contractors performed as they were contracted to or they do not. The board either feels that they have been successful in the purposes that caused them to volunteer or they feel they were not. The real telltale signs of true success are whether relationships are intact, stronger, more beneficial to each other and to the community being served. If they are, success for the benefit of those attempted to be served has occurred.

Generally, as time marches on, the board will change and usually the property management company will stay. Status quo is achieved and for so many boards, that in itself brings a sigh of relief. However, we would suggest that success has not occurred.

Our view is that if the board of directors attempts to hire a well structured management company, they are really looking for a commodity. HOME wants to bring true success to the neighborhoods we serve. One key ingredient in a successful management company is to inspire neighborhood cohesiveness. We do this by planning, structuring and executing community work days. We call them HOME work days. We are on scene all during the community work day to insure its satisfactory completion.

Diversity is one of the HOME team's strengths. The backgrounds, expertise, education and even types of properties we live in ourselves, all bring a strong, cohesive knowledge base that our clients benefit greatly from. The expertise of our members sets HOME apart from the rest. It simply works!









Home Owner Management Enterprises, LLC.